To Grandmother's House We Go is a television film that started airing on December 6, 1992, exactly 19 days before Christmas 1992. It stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Sarah and Julie Thompson, respectively, J. Eddie Peck as Eddie Popko, Cynthia Geary as Rhonda Thompson (the twins' mother), and Rhea Pearlman and Jerry Van Dyke as the husband-and-wife Federal Parcel Delivery (FPD) Bandits.



  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Sarah and Julie Thompson, respectively. They are the two twin daughters whose goal is to get to their Great-Grandmother Mimi's house. They both are the main protagonists of the film. Like their respective portrayers, Julie is older than Sarah "only by two minutes".
  • Cynthia Geary as Rhonda Thompson, the tritagonist. She is the divorced mother of the twins who would like a new husband. It is her getting upset over the girls' misbehavior that causes them to run away from home in order to try and get to their great-grandmother's house.
  • J. Eddie Peck as Eddie Popko, the deuteragonist. He is an FPD delivery guy who loves Roy Rogers' music so much that he sings along to his songs while driving the truck. He has a crush on Rhonda and wants to win a jackpot at a lottery, which he never did every previous chance prior to the events.
  • Rhea Perlman and Jerry Van Dyke as the FPD Bandits, Shirley and Harvey, respectively. They are the two bandits who steal Eddie's truck and serve as the antagonists.
  • Stuart Margolin as Det. Gremp.
  • Florence Patterson as Great-Grandma Mimi, the great-grandmother of the twins, and Rhonda's grandmother.
  • Venus Terzo as Stacey, the twins' baby-sitter and a close friend of Rhonda's. She has a baby and a dog named Barney.

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